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Malcolm Noble, a Portland, Oregon native and a recipient of a Professional Music Certificate from Portland Community College as of spring 2009. Malcolm continues on to the next phase by transferring to Portland State University seeking a Degree in General Studies and a BA in Music to assist him in his peruse the passion of “KEEPING LIVE MUSIC ALIVE” by working with the youth producing new and innovative sound bites.

Malcolm feels compelled to create a non-profit organization for a musical youth outreach and mentorship within the Community with guidance he received in his youth. Malcolm has a mission to share his knowledge and experience to help support and mentor young minds that may need guidance from someone who knows what it will take. Malcolm produces and promotes others that are well on their way within the industry of entertainment in the quest of “KEEPING LIVE MUSIC ALIVE”.

As CEO and manager Malcolm places varies musicians with in the Cool Breeze band to provide the talent of the number of musicians in the Portland area. Malcolm places varies musicians in the band to show that no matter what instrument or musicians they have that when Malcolm takes the stage that there is only one Malcolm Noble that confirms he is Cool Breeze and will continue to fight to “KEEPING LIVE MUSIC ALIVE” in Portland/Vancouver area and around the world.

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Note: All Musicians are free agents and will be appointed upon availability.

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